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Automatic Ink Refill Machine for HP950/951 & HP932/933

This Automatic Ink Refill Machine will refill up to 4 Black Cartridges and 7 Colors Cartridges. Super Easy to Use, and very affordable. Includes: Automatic Ink Refill Machine + 4 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) Ink Set + Installation Instruction Compatible Models Office Jet 6100 Office Jet 6600 Office Jet 6700 Office Jet 7110 Office Jet 7510 Office Jet 7610 Office Jet

HP950 HP932 바로필


AIR950(Auto Ink Recharger) for HP950/951,HP932/933(HP8100,8600,6600,7600,7610 etc)

AIR950(Auto Ink Recharger) for HP950/951,HP932/933

● Compatible Models ●

HP 950/951
Office Jet Pro8100
Office Jet Pro8600

HP 932/933
Office Jet 6100/6600/6700
Office Jet 7110

● Detailed information ●

1) One-touch ink recharging : Recharging si done by touching a button

2) 4 ink recharging at the same time : 4 ink is simultaneous recharged and available for each as well

3) Perfect clean-recharging : You can recharge without getting dirty your hands

4) very low price (including 4 ink packs 180mg/each) : Very low wholesale and retail price enable anyone to buy it without any hesitation

○ Recharging principle ○

Using the motor pump, blow air into the vinyl tube in the
cartridge. Then, vinyl tube expands and contracts continuously.
In this process, negative pressure is occurred in the cartridge.
Using that pressure, ink is inhaled to the cartridge

○ Contact information ○





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